Below is a small example of some of the jobs we have undertaken over the years, please double click on the gallery to enlarge them.

Installation of a package treatment plant

we recently installed a WPL HiPaf Compact treatment plant at a accommodation bunk house in the Lake District.  They had got an old septic tank that was causing a problem so it was replaced with this unit which is good for dealing with fluctuations in the loadings.


Installation of a small package treatment plant

This tank was installed at a domestic property that isnt able to connect to mains sewage. We installed a WPL Diamond tank and associated drainage.

Reed Bed at Castle Douglas

Tertiary waste water treatment comprising of a treatment plant with horizontal and vertical flow reed beds, serving a small housing development in Castle Douglas.  This reed bed system was placed after a package treatment plant to improve the discharge even further before it entered a nearby watercourse.

Horizontal & Vertical Reed Beds at Glossop

This was a large Horizontal & Vertical reedbed installation that we did for United Utilities at the side of the resevoir at Glossop. Again it was quite a challenge as we had to ensure that we didnt cause any sort of pollution in the resevoir and we were hit with some of the worst snow conditions that we had encountered in a long time. We also installed the stock proof fencing and the dry stone wall surrounding the beds

WPL Diamond Treatment Plant Installation  Installation and associated foul drainage infrastructure serving a domestic single dwelling near Penrith.  The installation was adjacent to a river and was into solid sandstone. The site was restricted by its size which made it quite challenging.

Large WPL HiPaf Treatment Plant

This is a large WPL Hipaf Unit that we installed at The Brackenrigg Inn near Ullswater. The HiPaf units are good at dealing with varying flows that happen in places like hotels

Large WPL HiPaf installation

This was another large WPL HiPaf unit that we installed at The Lakes Distillery, Bassenthwaite.  The site is a new distillery, visitors centre and cafe and the dischrage is into a SSSI water cource so the plant has to be regulary monitored and maintained to ensure the discharge is meeting its consent standards set out by the Environment Agency.

Installation of a Pump Station

This was a pump station that we installed at Glenridding Sailing Centre a number of years ago.  It pumps the sewage from the onsite facilities up to the main sewer in Glenridding.  The site was very challenging due to the water levels.  This pump station was under several feet of water during the storms of December 2015 and apart from needing an electrician to make one or two repairs it is still functioning as it should do.

Refurbishment of an Adams Hydraulic trickle filter system

This was a treatment system that we refurbished for a large private house. It was the best way to deal with the fluctuations in loadings and is still working well with an excellent discharge quality. The discharge passes through a reed bed before discharging to watercourse.

Total refurbishment of an indoor horse menage.

This is a horse menage that we did a few years ago, a complete refurbishment including all the associated drainage underneath the surface.  It is still looking and working brilliantly and is currently used on a racing yard

Settlement tanks and sewage treatment plant installation

This is the installation of 3 tanks that will act as settlement tanks which will allow sediment to settle to the bottom of the tanks and clear water to leave.  they are collecting water from a farm yard run off.  we also installed a treatment plant and all associate drainage to deal with the domestic waste from the farm house

Creation of a Large Pond

We were asked to create a large pond for a Clients garden.  It had to encorperate a walkway most of the way round, an island, a form of transport to get to the island and it also had to be useable as a fishing pond.  We designed created and planted up the pond which is now flurishing well and aparently the fishing is good. It has an oak deck most of way round and a small floating platform to get over to the island.

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