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Service provided by us include those listed below, but we can also provide most forms of groundworks including any form of drainage, works for laying utilities, hard landscaping, SUDS systems can be design and installed in accordance with CIRIA C697, Replacement and upgrades of pumps can be done using Flyte, Pedrollo or Grundfos pumps

Package Treatment Plant Solutions

We can design, install & maintain domestic treatment plants. They will be designed in accordance with the British Water Code of Practice Flows & Loads 4 – sizing criteria for small treatment plants.  We can also design, install and maintain systems for larger commercial sites for example, hotels, B&Bs, Visitor centres etc. Only plants which conform with the correct and most up to date legislation are supplied and installed by us. We offer a wealth of practical experience of safely handling and installing a vast range of pre-fabricated wastewater treatment products.

Reed Beds
Reeds beds are constructed for the tertiary treatment of treated sewage effluent. We can offer a full design and construction service for reed beds or if you would like to construct the reed bed yourself we can offer a design specification and then supply you with the Butyl liner, hydrofix coupling, and  reeds.
CCTV Drain Surveys

We produce a high quality final report that complies with the WRC Manual of Sewer Condition Classification.  Contained within the report is an easy to follow guide, steps 1 through to 5, 1 being an occurrence without any defects, and 5 needing urgent rehabilitation.   A notes page written in simple terms highlight defects that have been found and the location of each problem and  recommendations of  further actions are also provided.  Further into the report there are digital images of the start and finish of the survey with all the defects found in-between.   A section of pipe shows the direction of the flow.  Its an ideal way to see what is going on in your drains without having to dig it all up

Service & Maintenance Package

Reports will be provided and  a maintenance log that can be kept  to comply with the Environment Agency Consent Conditions
All work is performed in accordance with the plant manufactures specifications.
Personnel have achieved the British Water maintenance accreditation.
Most makes of treatment plants and pumping stations can be accommodated including reed beds.
Plant performance and analytical data may be provided on request.
Most serviceable parts stocked.

Bio Engineering

Bio-Engineering design and installation work can be undertaken on watercourses to prevent erosion and bank de-stabilisation using willow stakes, spilling, faggots, coir matting and marginals.  This is a new practice using soft engineering techniques to enhance riparian habitats.  It is less invasive than other methods and doesn’t harm the habitats of wildlife.

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