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Guide for Users of Small Wastewater Treatment Systems  This guide gives general information for owners and users of small sewage and wastewater treatment systems/plant, e.g. what you can, and must not, flush, to ensure that the system works satisfactorily in order not to break down or pollute the environment.

Desludging Guide from British Water  Enables septic tank and package sewage treatment plant owners and users to understand the operation of sewage treatment systems, especially how and why they produce sludge and why it is important to remove it periodically. It should also be read in conjunction with the manufacturers’ literature and other supporting guidance documentation.

A guide on food fats oils & grease from food waste  This guide from British Water explains what FOG is, its sources and impacts on business and sets out how FOG should be taken account of in the design, installation, operation and maintenance of food service kitchens.  Its also an interesting read for domestic households as it helps understand why you shouldn't put fats and grease down the drains.

Your sewage your environment  In January 2015, new rules were introduced that simplify the way septic tanks and small sewage treatment plants are regulated in England, protecting the environment and improving water quality. This leaflet explains what that means.

Flushable wipes  This report done by BBC Breakfast explains why the manufacturers of so called "flushable" wipes should not be allowed to market themselves in this way

Environment Agency General Binding Rules for domestic sewage discharges   This in the rules brought in by the Environment Agency for small sewage discharges in England

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